Shipping time estimates are based off of the time the item is shipped. This does not include processing time. Please allow 5-7 business days for order processing. 'Processing Time' is the period between the customer placing the order to our team getting the order ready to ship. 'Shipping Time' is the period from when the order is shipped until the order arrives at our customers door. You may also choose to upgrade to expedited delivery for an additional charge in the US. 
Unbroken offers FREE shipping to ALL states within the US. 
Unbroken offers international shipping to ALL countries. International shipping rates may vary depending on the country that we are shipping to.
For all international customers, please be aware that NOT ALL packages shipped internationally will make it through customs without a tariff. Therefore we want to clearly communicate that to you, the buyer are responsible for ALL DUTIES, TAXES, and FEES at the time of import.
Unbroken is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged packages once they leave our Los Angeles distributing center.